Engagement strategies are extremely important to build trust and interest in a long-term relationship with your customer base. Now, customer engagement strategies tend to look at your perspective of the business alone. How to better reach customers? What channels to use? What added value to provide? But that’s not everything you need in order to truly engage your customers. You also need to consider their opinions and motivations.

What really engages your customers is probably different than what makes you engage with them. It’s most likely not even included in your engagement strategy. After all, you are trying to get their attention and interest over your products or services using the methods that best suit you and your brand.

Did you ask yourself about how your customers prefer to engage with you? What content they actually like or prefer? What would make them purchase from you again? Or what would make them truly delighted and impressed?

In fact, customers are generally willing to spend more money in exchange for better services or products. According to SuperOffice, over 85% of buyers are willing to pay more for great customer experience.

Repeat customers are the key to success for any brand. They are the lifeblood of your business and you shouldn’t be in a hurry to get their money. Instead, you should be focused on building a genuine relationship that will drive more revenue over time.     

1. Create Customer Personas

To start understanding how to truly engage your customers, you should start by segmenting your target market. Keep in mind that customer personas are really not the same as your target market! Instead, they are small segments or niches within your general target market.

Now, it’s essential to decide what criteria points will you use to create your customer’s personas. In this phase, you should choose what makes the most sense for your business. Age, sex, location, income, price point, and buying process are just some of the factors you can consider for your segmentation. Don’t forget that people who share some factors criteria points might not belong to the same customer persona.

For example, just because two people live in the same location and are around the same age, it doesn’t mean they share the same interests.

2. Interview Your Top Customers

What are you doing right now to thank your top customers for choosing your brand? Actually, how well do you know your top customers? It’s vital to know as much as possible about your best purchases. They help you develop your business in the present and they provide a stable growth rate for the future. So, make sure to get personal with your top customers. Engage your customer, interview them, ask them about your brand, as well as your goodies.

There is always space for improvement, so why not hear and take advice from the people who adore your brand the most? In fact, you could easily improve your marketing and sales strategy based on your customers’ feedback. Learn what is more effective and what holds the most value for your top customers. Then… You just have to deliver what they prefer!

3. Ask Your Customers for Feedback

Now, it’s not only your top customers that should matter to you. All your customers should be equally important. After all, they all contribute to the success of your brand. But things can get really chaotic when you try to get personal with every single customer you have… So, make sure to find tools that allow you to engage with them, such as online surveys or polls.

Don’t discard their opinions just because it’s not so easy to access the type of data you need. Innovate, go out of your comfort zone, and show your customer base that they really matter to you! Simply ask for feedback and facilitate the way they can provide it.

4. Use Social Media as an Engagement Tool

Are you regularly posting updates about your brand in different social media channels? That’s wonderful! But keep in mind that you shouldn’t just promote products and services. You should take advantage of multi-channel marketing and engage your existing customers while trying to reach potential new ones.

You might not achieve impressive results at first, especially if you are a startup. But at least you are showing the world how much you value your customer base! Besides that, you are simplifying the engagement process when you use social media to engage your customers. In the end, it doesn’t hurt to try! You might even find your next top customers this way!

5. Analyze the Most and Leat Successful Offers

Another effective way to truly engage your customers is by analyzing your offers. What are you selling the most? What are you hardly selling? Your goal with this analysis is to understand why are your customers more interested in certain offers than others. Is it the price tag, is it the overall utility, is it the shipping time?

Understanding the success or failure behind a certain product or service can provide you with crucial information for future choices. You could even use this data for other product developments or investments. Is it really worth it to go this route? Your customers hold the answer! Engage your customers and let them tell you their side of the story.

Do You Truly Want to Engage Your Customers?

Creating an engagement strategy that covers all the essential points can be quite challenging. It’s not just about you and your business. It’s also about your target audience and how each segment interacts with your brand. Understanding your customers is essential to better engage and establish long-term relationships that will drive more revenue over time.

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