Digital marketing is quickly evolving and customer engagement is shifting towards personalization and individual experiences. It’s simply not enough to know what your customers bought last week. It’s time to go forward and get involved with their interests today in order to predict what products or services they might be willing to buy tomorrow. We present you five strategies that can double customer engagement in 2019.

Before reviewing your strategy, you need to understand that the digital world is constantly changing. So, it’s normal that your last year’s strategy won’t be as effective now. If you want to drive customer engagement, you need to know how and when to reach your customers.

For example, Xenia-homes does an incredible job of engaging their customers from the moment that book with the vacation rental company.


You can start by leaving you multi-channel strategy behind and replacing it with an omni-channel marketing strategy. They might seem the same but they are quite different.

Omni-channel Marketing is Critical

Many business owners and marketers think that multi-channel marketing is an amazing strategy. After all, it allows you to push a message through different channels as many times as you want in order to reach as many people as possible.

But how effective can that be? The omni-channel marketing strategy focuses on the customer’s journey and on delivering coordinated content. It’s all about creating a personalized experience to make sure the customer is engaged and ready to purchase.

In fact, we’re currently working with Clementines to build a consistent omnichannel marketing strategy. This Pioneer square based shop sells one of the kind items for women. Our focus is to create personalized experiences for every single customer that makes a purchase.


However, this process requires different approaches. Every customer has different needs, which demand a customized approach. So, make sure to keep that in mind even if you have the best customer journey strategy in the world!

Consistent Messaging Will Get Customers Attention

There has never been as much content online as in 2019. You probably feel overwhelmed every time you get online. There is information and advertisement hosted by brands and organizations everywhere. Facebook murals, Youtube videos, even in your favorites games.

It is true that certain marketing methods are not as effective as they used to be… But consistent messaging is still a great strategy to get your message out there. By being consistent, you are expressing how serious and dedicated you are about your brand.

For instance, FindmeInSeattle tells the stories of local brands through social media. He keeps you engaged with consistent great photos and videos from the hottest restaurants in Seattle. Everyone wants to check out the restaurants he visits. Not only does it keep me engaged, but everyone around the city’s waiting for his next move.

Connor (FindmeInSeattle)

Start with being consistent and offering value to your market. Eventually, customers will notice you and get interested in your value proposition. If you are a startup, then visibility and exposure is probably everything you need. So, make sure to be consistent with your posting. Let the world know you are in business!

Breaking Through the Clutter

Now, posting with no real goal or strategy can lead your business to a dead end. It’s great to keep content consistency in order to get noticed but you need to establish an objective. In fact, you need to understand your customer’s journey in order to target them.

If you have a decent amount of customers already, then you need to break through the clutter. Now, it’s all about delivering relevant content and keeping your customers engaged. They already know about you and they like your brand…

So, now it’s up to you to do your homework. Research, conduct surveys, retrieve feedback and deliver the content that your consumers want. Why would you spend endless resources in developing a new product that your customers have no interest in?

Driving Customer Engagement Takes Patience!

Customer engagement and loyalty is not something you build in a short time period. It takes strategy, it takes experimenting, and it surely takes a lot of time and patience. Don’t expect immediate results, they probably won’t happen any time soon.

But that’s not a reason for you to feel discouraged or to give up. Instead, experiment with new strategies, review your plans and get to understand your customers better. Sometimes, all you need is to wait a little longer to perceive the results you were looking for!

All-in-all, don’t despair if your results are not what you expected. Customer engagement is not an exact science. Moreover, no one should know your customers as well as you. So, feel free to innovate your strategy to double customer engagement in 2019.

Adapt to Media and Content Changes

You have probably heard about the rising of podcasts last year, right? Well, that’s not the only content trend for 2019. Videos are still on the rise for every platform and articles are starting to become quite popular once again.

This is one of the direct impacts of new smartphones with bigger screens designed to display more content. As the screen size rises, so does the amount of content that a user can consume in the same amount of clicks or taps.

So, make sure to consider the technological changes in 2019 and adapt the content you produce. Whether it’s a simple article or a video game, you can double your customer engagement by simply adapting your content to the media and platforms of your audience.

Are You Ready to Double Customer Engagement in 2019?

If you decide to go forward with these strategies, your customer engagement is prompt to improve in no time. But there is so much more than you can do to increase your customer engagement and retention.

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