Software and digital tools can give you a significant advantage when it comes to customer engagement and business development. As a matter of fact, business automation is transforming the way brands create their strategies in order to increase revenue and maximize profits. Besides optimizing processes, automation tools can save you thousands of dollars, as well as time and double customer engagement. They simplify and optimize your business at minimum costs.

Now, one of the main enemies of your business is the poor performance of your systems, tools, and collaborators. Did you know that inefficient processes and workflows could cost you up to 30% of your business revenue? Imagine how your business would look like if you had extra funds to funnel into business development or customer engagement.

That sounds pretty scary! But automation can help you overcome this obstacle, among many others. We present you five ways how automation tools can save you thousands.

Re-engagement Campaigns Can Make You Thousand

Email list retention can be a serious issue for many marketers or business owners. That’s because your customer engagement and marketing content strategies are not adequate to everyone in your email list. As a result, your subscribers decide that it’s time to stop receiving news from your brand due to the little value it holds to them.

Re-engagement campaigns can reduce your list churn rates and increase customer engagement. Automation can help you understand what type of content your subscribers enjoy and identify simple customer behaviors for each campaign. They can also help you maintain your inbox placement rates and give you increased chances to improve your engagement.

For example, we’re currently building a re-engagement plan for one of our clients to build deeper relationships with existing clients. We want to follow up with customers we haven’t heard from in a while.

Keep in mind that low engagement levels force ISPs to label your emails as spam or even block your content. When that happens, there is hardly a way back and your engagement problems will be as bad as they can get. Furthermore, you should remember that a brand’s email list loses around 25% of its subscribers every year. As such, re-engagement campaigns are crucial if you want to build and maintain an effective email list.

Cart Abandonment Emails are Powerful


Have you ever wondered why some customers add products to their carts and they never get to complete the purchase? According to BigCommerce, around 15% of e-commerce websites have a 15% rate in abandoned carts. That’s an impressive value and it shows how important it is to remind your customers about their abandoned carts.

This sales leak can drive a lot of revenue away from your business. After all, your customers might forget to come back and may end up buying from your competitors. Therefore, you should build strategies to fight cart abandonment and email can be your solution!

It’s not only about reminding shoppers about that “forgotten” car that was so close to becoming a conversion. Cart abandonment emails should invite customers and make them sure they want your products. If you want them to come back, you better make sure to give them a great reason. So, make sure to provide value and showcase your brand’s credibility.

Offering Recommended Products Drives Revenue

In 2019, customer acquisition costs are on the rise and that means that you should rethink your budget allocation. You shouldn’t go full-force on advertisement aiming for potential new customers. Instead, you should be looking forward to optimizing the customers already on your store and invite them to purchase. You could increase your store revenue by 300% with personalized recommended products directed to your existing customers.

It’s obvious that each customer has a different range of interests and that’s how marketing automation can help you. Besides identifying relevant tastes and interests, you will also be able to personalize recommended products from your store. Automation tools make it extremely easy to deliver a personalized experience to each individual user.

Additionally, you can use your business data to improve the efficiency of your automation tools. You can also adopt marketing strategies that could boost your sales and keep your customers engaged. For example, recommending complementary products or limiting the number of recommendations could increase your conversions.

Creating Timely Engagement Increases Sales

If you have an extensive customer engagement plan, then you probably know that time is everything. You don’t simply need the right content, you need to deliver it at the right time too if you to achieve optimal results. But understanding the best times to interact and engage with your customer base can be quite a challenge.

That’s one of the many ways of how automation tools can save you thousands and help your business thrive. You can create processes and ensure that emails, messages, and other types of content go out at the best time. Marketing automation decreases the latency in customer engagement and saves you an incredible amount of time.

Moreover, you can better use your data by quickly responding to the new influxes of information that emerge every day. The goal is to enable a real-time customer engagement that generates the most conversions possible. For example, you shouldn’t remind a customer to return to an abandoned cart during work hours. They probably won’t address the matter due to lack of time.

Optimizing Processes While Eliminating Errors

Marketing automation allows you to improve your procedures in so many different ways. You can schedule processes, automate tasks, analyze data, shift workflows, and so much more… But most importantly, you can optimize your systems while eliminating errors.

Even the most responsible of employees are prone to mistakes every now and then, it’s part of human nature. Especially, when it comes to task duplication and repeated processes. Sometimes, it is quite complicated to find and correct human mistakes. However, this type of task can be fully automated, which saves you significant amounts of time and resources.

When it comes to customer engagement, marketing automation tools can provide you the experience of having a marketing team 24/7. That allows small and medium businesses to do so much more with the same amount of resources. It also empowers them to address every single customer accordingly by delivering personalized engagement and content.

Are You Not Sure How Automation Tools Can Save You Thousands?

It is true that every business is different and not all engagement strategies will deliver optimized results. On the other hand, marketing automation tools are quite versatile and personalized.

There are automation tools for every business out there. You just need to identify your needs and goals first! Then, it’s time to start using automation tools that meet your requirements.

If you are not sure about how automation tools can save you thousands and help your business grow, then get in touch with us. We can help you build an engagement strategy that will take advantage of the right automation tools and deliver the results you want to achieve.