Some coworking managers think that innovation is the only reason to start using automation tools. But that’s not true… Whether you are looking to monetize those empty chairs or optimize your systems, you should automate your coworking space and make the most revenue using the same amount of resources. Nowadays, an effective digital marketing plan is no longer complete without automating and engagement strategies.

You should also remind yourself that automation tools can give you access to features that are almost humanly impossible to do. For instance, you will be able to segment your audience and create customized conditions for email campaigns. Automate your coworking space to easily convert warm leads and increase your profit.

However, before you start using automation tools, you should make sure that you differentiate yourself from your competitors. “Beautiful coworking space” or “relaxing space to work” is not convincing enough anymore. You should focus on a value proposition that can’t be easily replicated.

1. Create an Automated System to Manage Onboarding New Coworking Members

Did you just start your coworking space or are you getting an increased influx of new members? Well, no matter the case it’s always a great strategy to have an onboarding new coworking member plan! It will allow you to keep track of your member’s data while staying organized at any given time. It’s beneficial for you and all your members. 

Besides that, you can easily give a warm welcome to new members by facilitating the sign-in process. Perhaps, you can even convert a few warm leads… People tend to avoid bureaucracy, so if you make things simple and quick, you will surely end up with some more sign-ups. With automation tools, you can make the onboarding system as simple as it can get, while keeping the database updated and customized.

2. Use Automations to Identify Highly Interested Leads

Let’s say you have dozens or hundreds of people in your subscriber email list. How do you know who are the high-value leads? Actually, how can you strategically segment your email list? Well, great questions there! When you use marketing automation tools, you can add customized tags and identify highly interested leads. You can also browse your list using different types of filters and check click-rates for every email campaign.

In other words, you can access an extensive range of information that will shape your marketing campaigns. Now, you can create targeted campaigns for all those list entries who have been opening all your emails and clicking the call-to-action links. They are warm leads and you shouldn’t treat them like everyone else on the list.

3. Create Segmented Email Campaigns and Deliver Customized Content

When you automate your coworking space, you can segment your email lists and deliver customized content with real value for your followers. It’s all about creating content that matters to your audience and delivering it at the right time. But automation tools can do so much more for your coworking space. You can create conditions to adapt your campaign to your audience’s behavior!

For example, if some of your coworking members forgot to sign up for an event but showed interest beforehand, you can always set the automation to send a reminder email a few hours later. People read emails during their lunch break or while on public transport, it’s normal to forget to come back later. So, a reminder is usually welcome in such cases.

Automate Your Coworking Space

4. Automate Your Coworking Space to Follow-Up with Warm Leads

What are you doing to follow-up with people who have shown interest in your coworking space right now? All those phone calls, emails and personal questions at the reception desk. You shouldn’t ignore this precious data! In fact, there is a great opportunity to convert at least a few of those leads. Automation tools can help you create a follow-up strategy based on segmentation and personalization.

You should get an automated system in place and follow-up with every cold and warm lead that shows interest in your brand. Ask them if they need more information or if they’d like to do a free tour to see the place for themselves. Providing details on the sign-up process might also help them make a final decision.

5. Keep Your Recurring Customers Engaged with Automation Tools

If your coworking space desks are quite full, that means you’re doing a great job! Now, it’s time to focus on your existing members instead of sales directed to new members. Establish an engagement strategy to maintain or increase your customer retention rates. Again, automated tools can help you create an effective system to keep all your members engaged!

Actually, it’s very simple to segment your members and provide content that is relevant and interesting to them. Besides other coworking offers, you can also present some industry news or trends. For example, business and entrepreneur topics are quite vertical to a coworking space audience. But that doesn’t mean you can’t go even further and explore different topics that might be of interest to your members.

6. Present Other Services and Activities to Your Customers to Enrich Their Coworking Experience

Your members are properly engaged and you are satisfied with your follow-up and engagement strategies. However, you would like to go one step further and provide the unexpected. Well, then it’s time to provide some added value to your coworking members. Present case studies, display other services, organize member interviews, or host a relevant event at your coworking space! 

Use automation tools to understand which members are using which services. Then, you can easily create segmented campaigns to cross-sell other services that could complement their coworking experience. For example, full-desk members might be interested in renting a conference room for their regular meetings or even attend your business events on a regular basis. The key strategy is to provide added value instead of shameless marketing spam.

Automate Your Coworking Space: Embrace Innovation and Generate More Revenue with Less Resources

Innovation and marketing trends might convince some business owners to embrace automation tools. But you shouldn’t wait for the “right” moment to automate your coworking space. There are plenty of benefits that should convince you to do the switch right now. In fact, marketing automation tools could change or break your business!

More and more businesses are adopting automation tools in 2019, which means you will fall behind if you choose to simply use standard software. Entreprov provides a personal touch engagement experience with our extensive automation tools. For more details, feel free to contact us directly here.