We live in a business world that is focused on speed and efficiency due to the evolution of technology. Many companies struggle with what processes need human attention and what can be automated. This week I sat down with an owner that understands the value in automating tasks that rely on previous data.

Automate data-based decision
When your decisions can be made based on historical data, you should consider automating those decisions. As humans, we’re prone to errors based on variable factors impacting our lives. Deciding to withdraw all your money from a stock that has always proven to increase value because the fear of losing money is just one scenario. Tools such as machine learning provide a strong advantage over emotional human based decision making.

Recommendation Tools Automate Decision Making
Building a robust recommendation tool can improve the accuracy of number-driven decision making. Recommender tools can be used to manage Keyword advertising. Having a Recommender tool to choose the best keyword based on historical data can benefit an organization in several ways. Some of the benefits include increasing accuracy, reducing resource needs and cost long term. Expedia is a company that has become very effective in using automation tools to make sure their ads are showing up in the most effective places.

Predictive Analytics Can Aide Automation
Using historical data to develop a gameplan for future objectives can help you create a competitive edge. By having predictive analytics, you can speed up the decision-making process for current objectives and eliminate the guesswork. Instead of manually making a forecast of future sales performance or revenue generated, you can benefit from having a tool that produces accurate results.


Alex Brooks is the founder and CEO of AE Brooks, LLC (d/b/a, Entreprov), a Seattle-based firm that builds custom predictive analytics and automation tools to enhance a company’s performance and decision making.