Case Studies

Converting More with ATLAS WORKBASE

ATLAS WORKBASE is one of the highend Seattle based Coworking spaces located in lower Queen Anne. Starting back in 2017, they offer a comfortable, quiet and secure environment that is inclusive places for businesses. Entreprov started working with ATLAS WORKBASE with the goal of helping them convert more visitors to paying members. 


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Abandoned Cart Recovery

Clementines is a seattle based clothing boutique. Started in 2007, they source items from local and international fashion designers. The boutique believes that every customer deserves an experience that is unique and personal. The Pioneer square based shop is owned and run by Linda Walsh.
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Driving Online Sales

Ballard Vine Works started back in 2013 with the idea of using aged wine barrels to build beautiful decor. Every item is handmade from specialty wood sourced from local aged wine barrels. Starting with Entreprov three months prior, we grow their online sales shortly after starting with us.
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Unlocking Data Insights

Buying a car can be one of the most painful processes that a consumer experiences. We partnered with Prea to develop systems for data collection and visualization. One of the first challenges we encountered was what data should be collected and where to start. We explored the US car market to develop insights on what parts of the country would provide the best opportunity for Prea’s expansion. Through our discovery, we were able to identify prime locations and the most purchased brands.
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Increasing Member Retention in Fitness

Being healthy has become more of a priority in the past several years. Also, having a real connection with the gym has become more of a standard. Building strong relationships that are personal is key to keeping great customers loyal. 


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Customer Insights Discovery

We recently launched a case study on a San Francisco based bike share company. Our main objective was  to identify the biggest factors that impact the use rate of bike trips. We discovered several things influenced the attendace rate of fellow bikers such as time of day, day of week and time of year. We were able to uncover insights to what factors influenced the most active time for bike trips.
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Dynamic Pricing

We started a journey last year to build a dynamic pricing tool to transform how the Motorcoach industry operates. We encountered several challenges during our journey but the end result was a series of dynamic pricing tools that cater to different strategies. Using Machine Learning techniques along with research we were able to develop a product that improves the way the motorcoach industry operates. Covering demand based pricing to inventory pricing strategies, we were able to automate the decision making process.
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