Increasing online sales can be one of the hardest things to do in a business. Online shoppers have unlimited options for every product they want. How do you get their attention focused on your store and actually buying things? We’re going to share 10 ways you can turn more visitors into buyers.

1. Remove Homepage Sliders

Your homepage slider is literally costing you online sales by pushing away customers. Although having a slider looks cool, it reduces the critical load time for your homepage dramatically.

For example, according to Mach Metrics, your average load time needs to be under three seconds. This means you’re losing visitors for every extra second it takes for your site to load. For this reason, get rid of the slider and you will be better positioned to increase online sales.

2. Display Trust Icons On Checkout

Having a trust icon on the checkout page reassures the customer you’re safe and secure. For instance, indi Chocolate has the Paypal symbol in their checkout page.

You get the sense of trust and familiarity by seeing the symbol. If you don’t have anything building trust on your checkout page, make the change immediately. As a result, you will be able to reduce your shopping cart abandonment as well.

3. Point Out What’s Hot

Show your customer what they should purchase based on what’s hot. For example, Recently I’ve noticed companies are showing recent customer purchases while I’m visiting their site.

This is powerful because it directs the shopper to make decisions. We all like recommendations even when shopping online. By simplifying the process you’re making it easier for the customer and ultimately increasing your online sales.

4. Create Urgency

Creating urgency has a powerful effect on a customers decision making. For example, having promotions that have a strict deadline can be a motivating factor. This can have a powerful impact on your business online sales.

You want to communicate that a product or promotion is time sensitive. If a customer is on the fence about something, urgency can be the push they need. However, don’t make false claims because this is an easy way to get bad reviews. Consequently, more customer taking the leap to make a purchase equals an increase in online sales.

5. Personalization Tools

Adding personalization tools to your strategy can be a great way to grow online sales. For example, automation email tools you can send your website emails based on what pages they visit on your website.

This helps you send people content they really care about. As a result, customers are more interested when you show that you giving them quality information. There’s a number of tools out there including our E-Assistant.

In the example below, we illustrated the power of tracking visitors site patterns. Hence, we’re able to provide a tailored message to the visitor and build engagement.

6. Frictionless Checkout

Having a frictionless checkout system is priceless. In fact, Amazon has made billions because of how easy it is to purchase items. Your goal should be to get your payment process as easy as possible. The higher the checkout difficulty, the higher shopping cart abandonment.

Identify the average checkout process for your industry and figure out way to improve your flow. As a result, you’re going to see an increase in sales. In fact, Baymard did a recent study on the top causes for cart abandonment, and the reasons were surprising.

7. Consistent Messaging Across Campaigns

Make sure your messaging for sign up pages and landing pages are consistent. Hence, you don’t want customers to click on your ads only to land on a completely different looking page.

This goes back to the trust issue. Being consistent increases trust and increased trust equals more sales. Take time to evaluate all your landing pages and ads.

8. Use Timely Messaging

Timing can be the difference between no sale and a sale with additional items. With the power of automation tools, you can have consistent effective timing.

For example, sending an email an hour after a person keeps visiting the same product page can be powerful. By implementing an Automation email tool, you’re going to improve customer engagement.

In fact, Email Monday says 59% of users of marketing automation experience improved user experience and communication relevance. In conclusion, email automation tools will save time and money.

9. Money Back Guarantee

Adding money back guarantee can be a powerful way to drive online sales. Hence, money back guarantees remove the risk for the customer. If the customer doesn’t have anything to lose then it’s easier to take a risk.

Guarantees also speak to how much you believe in the product. If the customer has a high belief in you and your product, then they’re liking to buy from you. Ultimately, it’s a winning situation for you and the customer.

10. Powerful Value Proposition

Your site needs to convey a powerful value proposition to the customer. For instance, the customer is asking themselves why should they do business with you.

You need to have a short but powerful way to answer that question. Once you answer that question, having an easy call-to-action button to guide the next steps. For instance, Strip does an incredible job of sharing a compelling value prop on their front page.


If you’re going to increase your online sales, you need to starting doing things different. You need to do things nobody is thinking about. Start listing out things you can try and track the results. Keep what works and ditch what’s not working.

Alex Brooks is the founder and CEO of AE Brooks, LLC (d/b/a, Entreprov), a Seattle-based firm that builds marketing automation tools to help businesses increase customer retention and engagement. Sign up for our newsletter to learn more customer engagement strategies.