Shane has over five years of experience in market research business development. He takes pride in identifying market trends, analyzing consumer behavior, and developing strategic plans that maximize profitability.

Jonathan St John

Data Analyst

Jonathan St John is our data analyst. He has over 15 years of industry experience and is passionate about supporting clients analytical needs.

Graphic Design Specialist

Cecilia brings a new perspective to our team as a Graphic Designer. She’s loves Graphic Design because it allows her to be fluid, to explore different solutions through typographic choices, layouts, and colors.

Project Manager

Project Manager Formally trained Graphic Designer, with a keen eye in brand communication consistency and marketing creative specialist. Over +10 years of experience designing and creative managing for multinational companies and smaller businesses. Especially interested in digital trends, social media, and digital marketing. 

Content Strategist

Dan Finkelstein has been a professional copywriter for over 15 years. He loves writing copy that connects audiences with the solutions that help them be the version of themselves.
In his free time, Dan reads about 200 books a year and loves spending time with his family.

Business Development Rep

Business Development Rep Virtual Assistant, a Senior Customer Service Representative, and Email/Chat support specialist for almost 9 years now.

Graphic Design Lead

Daniela has over 10 years working as a Digital Project Manager, Product Manager & Growth Hacker. What I love most is using my creativity to develop strategies that rely on data.

Owner of Entreprov What customer relationships mean to us has to do with the founder’s beginnings. Entreprov had an unusual beginning. The founder started his journey in Detroit being the only child born to a single mother. Overcoming homelessness and hardship, he knew relationships were key to his growth. Alex Brooks’ beginnings fueled his quest…

Office Manager

Office Manager Office Manager María Laura has over 10 years of experience working for technology and services industries, focusing on system administration, procurement, asset, and project management.