Alejandra Rodrigues

Data Analyst

Ale has over 11 years of experience as a Marketing analyst. She loves data and automating reports for our clients She’s all about data mining and data analytics.

Graphic Design Specialist

Camila Rascón is from Buenos Aires, Argentina. “I got my start in graphic design by creating a logo for a Chinese gastronomy company”. As more people began to see her work, she embarked on her digital marketing journey. Today, Camila is one of Entreprov’s graphic designers in charge of creating engaging visual content on social media.

Project Manager

Project Manager Formally trained Graphic Designer, with a keen eye in brand communication consistency and marketing creative specialist. Over +10 years of experience designing and creative managing for multinational companies and smaller businesses. Especially interested in digital trends, social media, and digital marketing. 

Content Strategist

Lauren is a digital content writer and editor specializing in copywriting and content optimization for Entreprov. She writes email copy and helps to support the team with all of their developmental editing needs. Lauren is passionate about using accessible language and readability best practices to create content that is engaging and easy to understand. She has…

Business Development Rep

Business Development Rep Virtual Assistant, a Senior Customer Service Representative, and Email/Chat support specialist for almost 9 years now.

Graphic Design Lead

Sofia has over 10 years of experience in graphic design from websites to emails. She leads the email design strategy and creative teams at Entreprov.

Automation & Integration Lead

Automation & Integration Lead Natasha is an expert digital strategist who specializes in marketing automation and engagement analytics. She has over eight years of experience as a digital marketer for international brands.

Owner of Entreprov What customer relationships mean to us has to do with the founder’s beginnings. Entreprov had an unusual beginning. The founder started his journey in Detroit being the only child born to a single mother. Overcoming homelessness and hardship, he knew relationships were key to his growth. Alex Brooks’ beginnings fueled his quest…

Office Manager

Office Manager Office Manager María Laura has over 10 years of experience working for technology and services industries, focusing on system administration, procurement, asset, and project management.