22% Initial Open Rates
325 Captured Qualified Contacts
Over 9000 contacts were migrated from 2 systems
Customer Profile

ATLAS WORKBASE started February 2017 launching in lower Queen Anne above the QFC. ATLAS WORKBASE  offers comfortable, quiet and a secure environment that is inclusive to all workers and businesses.

The Objective

Being a coworking space is all about creating an experience that companies can benefit from being part of a community. ATLAS WORKBASE wanted to develop an engagement plan that strengthens relationships with potential candidates and improve conversion. One of the immediate challenges was determining where candidates fit within the follow up process.  

The Personal Touch Engagement Affect

ATLAS WORKBASE teamed up with Entreprov to develop a new engagement plan that maps every journey of potential members. We created a way to identify prospects at every stage of the buyers cycle. As a result, we’re able to have consistent personalized communication with every person that comes into the space.

The Process

1. Our team spent time mapping all customer journeys from the initial customer contact to paid members. This provided clarity on what areas needed to be automated and areas needing a “Personal Touch”.

We made sure every contact was segmented based on how their relationship starts with ATLAS WORKBASE and how it evolves. For example, every person that interacts with the space gets segmented based on their reason for visiting. Whether they’re online filling out a form or entering the space for an event. As a result, the engagement can be personalized for each customer journey. Ultimately, we gain a deeper understanding of how traffic engages with ATLAS WORKBASE.

2. Once we identified all the customer journeys, we focused on consolidating where customer information was stored. This step was critical to reducing the loss of customer information and improving consistent customer engagement. Our goal was simple, identify all CRM systems being used for contacts. Migrate all contacts into Entreprov’s CRM to track everyone in one place.

After creating a contact migration plan, our team transferred thousands of Atlas Workbase contacts from MailChimp and HubSpot to Entreprov’s CRM. This provided a centralized place to track and manage all engagement activities and metrics. By centralizing all contacts, we developed the foundation for personalized communication.

3. Next we focused on optimizing all the existing campaigns. We wanted to analyze the engagement, click through and conversion rates. With Entreprov’s CRM we identified which candidates were showing the most interest based on their website activity.

As a result, our sales team gets notified about candidates that show the strongest interest based on repeated email opens and clicks. Ultimately this optimizes the teams sales process by surfacing most interested prospects. Ultimately, qualified candidates automatically enter the Community Managers sales pipeline.

Campaign Results

Prior to working with Entreprov, ATLAS coordinated between multiple systems to manage contacts. Some of the prior challenges of managing customers from multiple systems were losing data through inconsistent contact management. In addition, balancing between multiple systems makes timely follow-up difficult.

As a result, Entreprov’s CRM and strategy team identified over 325 qualified contacts that recently expressed interest in ATLAS. These contacts visited pages such as the membership page or other pages on the site.

As a result, we developed a game plan for following up with each qualified contact. By automating the qualifying process for highly interested prospects, we saved the community manager dozens of hours in prospecting.



Contacts that showed strongest interest



Generated from Customized Emails



Across 4 Active Campaigns



Successfully Opened Links



During the three First Active Months


  • 1-on-1 meeting with the customer to retrieve basic data about the business and their objectives.

  • Mapping and segmenting the target audience is essential before running any campaigns.

  • Defining the best strategy and conditions for the automated campaigns.

  • Creating customized content for the email list with a targeted strategy and objectives.

  • Analyzing campaign results and optimizing campaigns to drive growth and increase revenue.

Engagement Indicators

The initial analysis of ATLAS WORKBASE email campaign performance revealed opportunities for growth. The open rates for most of the campaigns were high with low engagement and click through rates. Entreprov wanted to uncover the reason behind low engagement rates. We discovered the emails needed more visuals and less text. We’re still working to rewrite all the previous emails to improve the click through rates.

Another indicator we noticed was the previous systems only tracked open rates and not website activity. We wanted to track visitor activity on the site after they opened emails. As a result, we could identify what people the community manager should follow up with first. This feature was critical to optimizing follow up time for the community manager.

Bounce Rate
Campaign OPEN RATE
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