30% Initial Open Rates
100% Increased Customer Engaged after purchase
Over 1100 online revenue within 4 weeks of the new website launch

Customer Profile

Customer Profile

Ballard Vine Works started back in 2013 with the idea of using aged wine barrels to build beautiful decor. Every item is handmade from specialty wood sourced from local aged wine barrels. Starting with Entreprov three months prior, we grow their online sales shortly after starting with us.

The Objective

The Objective

Ballard Vine Works receives significant foot traffic to their physical location. However, their website needed to be updated and no follow up plan existed for customers. Ballard Vine Works wanted to develop a follow up plan for customers that would increase repeat purchases. Also, having a fluid website makes repeat purchase a much easier process.

Personal Engagement

The Personal Touch Engagement Affect

Ballard Vine Works teams up with Entreprov to layout a transition plan to Shopify platform and develop an engagement plan mostly to follow up with customers.  We created a series of email campaigns that focused on seasonality and timely engagement for customers. Specific examples included Mothers day and Summer promotions.

The Process

1. We spent time understanding the key roadblocks with the business. This consisted of asking the owners critical customer engagement questions and identifying opportunities for growth. We discovered Ballard Vine Works needed a new functional website and a campaign that engaged customers after purchases.

2. Next our team focused on migrating Ballard Vine Works to a new functional website. Once we completed the migration, we focused on building an engagement campaign. We wanted to start building relationships with every new customer.

As new customers enters the email journey, we can track, test and optimize the campaign based on the click rates and purchase conversions. Due to the nature of the business, emails are only sent out of certain times of the year. We factored in that these customers want information about deals during certain times of the year compared to weekly deals.

3. Over the course of the campaign, we can see who’s showing the most engagement and interest in the content. That helps us create targeted and segmented new campaigns.

Campaign Results

Since the launch of the new website, we’ve generated over $1100 in online sales within 3 weeks of launching. Prior to working with Entreprov, Ballard Vine Works had no follow up engagement strategies for existing customers. Their website was outdated and needed updates.

We created and implemented an engagement campaign to give every customer a personal touch experience. We built a system that strengthens customer relationship with the brand.

$ 1.200


Online sales revenue in the first month



All contacts are managed from Centralized CRM



Across 4 Active Campaigns



Successfully Opened Links



During the First Active Month


  • 1-on-1 meeting with the customer to retrieve basic data about the business and their objectives.

  • Mapping and segmenting the target audience is essential before running any campaigns.

  • Defining the best strategy and conditions for the automated campaigns.

  • Creating customized content for the email list with a targeted strategy and objectives.

  • Analysing campaign results and creating monthly reports.

Engagement Indicators

The initial attempt to build a trusted and long-lasting relationship was a huge success, considering the high acceptance from all the existing customers that are part of the lists.

Actually, only one person unsubscribed, after almost 300 emails sent. The bounce rate was also very low (only 5%), which included mostly inactive or invalid emails.

Furthermore, we have received over 100 new email contacts, which clearly shows the interest of new customers to receive online content and get engaged by Ballard Vine Works in the future. We have also achieved a great open and click rates while comparing to the standard industry benchmarks.

Bounce Rate
Campaign OPEN RATE
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