14% Uplift in Recovery of Abandoned Cart
73% Customer Engaged after purchase
$$ Recovered from Cart Abandonment

The Process

1. Entreprov started by consolidating all the apps and tools Clementines used for customer engagement. We wanted a centralized and easy process for how we tracked the customer journey. Ultimately this removed duplicate communication tools and wasted processes.

Next we performed customer journey mapping exercise to identify the disconnect in the customer experience. We wanted to understand current customer engagement and how the brand messaging connects with the audience. 

2. As we identified the key areas for improvement within the customer journey, we noticed the brand lacked the voice of the owner. Being a boutique shop in a competitive landscape, building personalized relationships is critical.

As a result, we built campaigns to focus on building relationships with:

  • New first purchase customers
  • Re-engage inactive customers
  • Recover Abandoned shopping cart customers
Clementines Example

3. We discovered Developing relationships with every first time customer was one of the missing parts of Clementines customer engagement. 

Over the course of the campaign, we can see engagement from customers that have not made purchases in a year or more. This helps us create targeted and segmented new campaigns to deepen old relationships.

Campaign Results

Since the start of the transition, we’ve recovered over $900 in abandoned shopping cart purchases. Our new customer engagement has increased from zero to over 70% open rate. We’ve developed and implemented a re-engagement strategy for customers that have not purchased in over 90 days. Clementines now has a strategy for every customer that engages with the brand. In addition, Clementines can manage customer engagement from a centralized tool compared to several tools.

We created and implemented an engagement campaign to give every customer a personal touch experience that engages them and strengthens their relationship with the brand.

$ 943


Online recovered sale in the quarter



Across New Customer Campaign



Successfully Opened Links



New Customers During First 6 months


  • 1-on-1 meeting with the customer to retrieve basic data about the business and their objectives.

  • Mapping and segmenting the target audience is essential before running any campaigns.

  • Defining the best strategy and conditions for the automated campaigns.

  • Creating customized content for the email list with a targeted strategy and objectives.

  • Analysing campaign results and creating monthly reports.

Engagement Indicators

The initial attempt to rebuild how Clementines engages with their customers was a huge success. Prior to working with Entreprov, Clementine lacked a clear picture of their customer journeys. Our team worked with them to build customer maps that would become the framework behind Clementines personal touch engagement strategy. Every contact is segmented and treated with a personal touch to drive long term engagement.


Bounce Rate
Campaign OPEN RATE
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