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Customer Profile

Clementines is a seattle based clothing boutique. Started in 2007, they source items from local and international fashion designers. The boutique believes that every customer deserves an experience that is unique and personal. The Pioneer square based shop is owned and run by Linda Walsh.

The Objective

With foot traffic being affected by local ongoing construction, Clementines wanted to grow online revenue and increase customer engagement. We started with improving existing customer relationships and efficiently developing new customers.

The initial challenge was increasing engagement of current customers. Most businesses thrive when building customer relationships offline but lack an effective online strategy. Our first priority is to create campaigns that would drive engagement and more buyers to the site.

We want to emulate the warm personalized experience that customers receive when entering the store. Although this is a difficult thing to create online, doing so will bring tremendous value to the business.

This is where Entreprov’s E-Assistant thrives in building dynamic 1 on 1 relationships with the customers.

Personal Touch Engagement

We started with making abandoned cart recovery emails more personal. Instead of general emails, we addressed potential customers by first name and the specific product abandoned.

1. Cart Abandonment

Cart abandonment is one of the biggest problems for e-commerce companies. However, most companies try the same approach to solving this issue.

We wanted to take things a step further to maximize this opportunity for Clementines. Most cart abandonment recovery strategies only involve one email. We send out two emails over the timeframe of a few days. This provides another opportunity to ask for the sale.

In fact, developing the relationship after abandoned shopping cart shouldn’t stop after two emails. Our team focuses on initiating a targeted campaign beyond the initial emails for anyone that doesn’t buy. We want to make sure we’re engaging with these customers based on items they’re interested in buying.

2.  Sharing only Relevant Promotions

Sharing relevant promotions in which a customer has shown interest can be a powerful engagement strategy.  We’re able to accomplish this through site tracking. All this means is every person that opens an email from Clementine, we’re able to see every page on the site they visit. This helps us send promotions or related items in which the customer wants to see.

In addition, this tasks is automated to engage with the customer in a timely fashion. Once this journey is setup, it runs on any customer that meets the conditions. Ultimately this saves the owner time and resources on customer engagement.

3. Cart abandonment (for new visitors)

Customers often back out of the final moment of purchase when only a step away from completion. First time buyers require a different engagement strategy.

It’s critical to convert first time buyers during the sales process. We’re able to identify first time buyers and use a slightly different approach. Depending on the initial purchase, we want to offer a discount for first time buyers.

As a result, Clementines can incentivize first time customers by offering a coupon to increase the chance of conversions. We understand that once you have a customer, they’re three times more likely to buy from you then getting a new customer.

The Result

We understand improving a business takes time, strategy and focus on continuous improvement. However, we wanted to share the early stage victories we accomplished. The outcome of this campaign has just begun but here are some of the results summarized below:



We’ve been working Clementines since late 2018 and have already started to produce results to drive more revenue to their business and save time while doing so. Our main goal is to increase average order size, increase customer engagement and retention. And ultimately, help them build a brand that reflects, agility, high personalization and a consistent customer experience.

Seattle is a competitive market filled with innovation and variety. Being one of the top tech centers of the US, Seattle strong economy brings a wide array of businesses for leisure and pleasurable activity.