Having the right tools for running your coworking space is critical to success. You need Coworking Management software that will make it easier to run daily operations. We’ve spent this year studying coworking management software that will simplify your life. How well does your software integrate with other tools? In this article, we’re going to help you figure out if your current coworking tools are helping or hurting your business.

How well does your tool actually integrate with others?

Having coworking software that does everything can be problematic. For example, Nexudus has a CRM, the ability to accept payments, manage meeting rooms and more. However, it has a limited ability to integrate with other CRM systems or booking platforms. As a result, you’re locked in with using one tool.

The disadvantage of limited integration ability is you don’t have the chance to work with tools based on their strengths. As a result, if the CRM within your current system lacks, you don’t have an option to connect with a better application.

Use tools that execute well on the core needs but can easily work well with outside systems. For example, some alternative coworking management tools that will provide more flexibility include Cobot and OfficeRnD. Both systems integrate with dozens of other applications through Zapier.

Coworking Management Software that integrates well with other applications

What Tools Will Help You Save Time

Saving time on daily tasks equates to saving money for a coworking space. Take a moment to map out your current customer processes. Write them out step by step of how a customer relationship starts with your space. For example, we do a customer mapping exercise with all of our new clients. As a result, we’re able to identify exactly what our client should be doing at each step. This dictates what coworking management tools work best as well.

Here’s an example below of how we mapped out our customer journeys. The left side represents the current process while the right side is the optimized version. The Customer Journey Map creates accountability for you and your team. Additionally, it helps you discover drop-off points and time-wasting activities.

Zapier is another tool you should have in your arsenal. Zapier is the ultimate glue that connects applications together. All-in-one solutions usually suck at some things while being average at others. Zapier allows you to connect separate applications to accomplish a single job. As a result, you can combine multiple save time and scale at the same time.

Zapier is the ultimate glue that connects applications together.

For example, Cobot users can automate follow-up emails with new members using Zapier. Setting up this system will save dozens of hours weekly. As a result, you’re going to save time and overhead costs. You will be able to double your efforts with limited staff. Some of our clients are able to accomplish a three-person job with the right automation strategy.

How do I decide on the right Coworking Management system for me?

Let’s explore a few factors that will help you pick the right system for you. You need coworking management software that makes running your coworking space easier. Here’s a list of questions to ask yourself.

  1. Does the tool easily integrate with other apps?
  2. Is the support readily available?
  3. How easy is the setup process?
  4. Mobile friendly?

Ultimately you need to have a system that suits your business. Every coworking space is different. Focus on the integration ability of the coworking management tool. Spend time mapping out your customer journey to uncover gaps in your process. Finally, test out their support to see if you will be helped with technical issues.

Coworking is becoming a competitive industry since it’s beginnings. You’ll need to be efficient and responsive to remain competitive. Entreprov provides strategy and implementation for Coworking spaces with our extensive automation tools. For more details, feel free to contact us directly here.