In today’s generation, everyone wants to start a business and have the next big idea. We’re constantly hearing about companies starting with little to nothing and growing to be sold for millions. In this article, I want to focus on sales which is one of the most overlooked components of growing a company.


Promote Constantly

I speak with a lot of small business owners on a daily basis due to the nature of my business. Most new business owners express a great deal of excitement when they talk about their product or service. However, when I ask how are you getting your customers they draw a blank confused look. I always respond by saying, if you’re not talking about and selling your service/product then how will anyone know you exist? In the beginning stages, you need to be promoting and selling your product to everyone. The only way people will know about your company is through constant promotion and exposure.


Sales Grind

The quote “the numbers will work for you” is more than a cliche statement. You have to get to the grind by constantly reaching out to potential customers, promoting at meetups and more. There’s no product that really sells it’self, so let’s look at a more practical approach. I suggest mapping out all the potential buyers in your industry and contacting them through social media or a simple phone call. This is going to help validate your business model and provide revenue to grow the business.


Getting Feedback

One of the most valuable things about selling your product/service is getting feedback through the experience. You’re going to gain insight into what customers like and how the product/service can be improved. Create a way to track all customer feedback that can be accessed for future product/service iterations. As you repeat this process, you will be able to consistently get better at providing your customers with their desired experience.


Alex Brooks is the founder and CEO of AE Brooks, LLC (d/b/a, Entreprov), a Seattle-based firm that builds custom predictive analytics and automation tools to enhance a company’s performance and decision making.