One of the common subjects today is SEO and how to generate traffic to your site. Traffic to your site is a great thing but how do you get them to buy once they arrive. In this post, we’re going to discuss some of the tools companies are using to increase online conversion rates.

Bring Assisted Shopping Online

Help your online shopper make the right buying decision by guiding them.  Until now we’ve always sent users to our site and hoped they would buy our products or services.

This approach has always presented challenges because traditionally there was no effective guidance throughout the process. In contrast, with physical retail stores, you would always have a clerk or floor merchant to expedite your buying process by pointing you in the right direction or providing suggestions.

By having a tool that provides the customer with recommended shopping ideas, it makes their life easier. If you can make a customer’s life easier, the higher probability they’re going to buy from you. In conclusion, guiding the customer through the buying process can drive more sales.

Segmentation Can Drive Online Conversion

One of the things we’re noticing with small business owners is a lack of segmentation. For example, sending return customers the same emails as potential customers.

You can automate the segmentation of your customers with effective planning. Our tools make it easy to segment your customers and build workflows based on customer actions.

This is a simple way to increase online shopping conversion rates. Another example would be sending promotions about local events to customers that live three thousand miles away would be wasting time and resources. In conclusion, segmenting your customer list should be a priority in order to drive online conversion.

How Can We Use These Tools?

Although these tools can add value to your business, how do you implement such a tool within your existing systems? There are multiple ways that we can implement these smart tools into an existing business.

For example, most marketing automation tools integrate with your payment systems and email systems. Setting up these tools normally takes a few minutes to get things running.

By having a marketing automation tool you’ll be able to consistently increase customer engagement and online conversion rates. Through segmentation, you can provide more tailored customer experiences to improve online conversion. Any tool you decide to choose should be easy to implement.

Alex Brooks is the founder and CEO of AE Brooks, LLC (d/b/a, Entreprov), a Seattle-based firm that builds custom predictive analytics and automation tools to enhance a company’s performance and decision making.