In order to thrive in business, you need to be unique. We’ve been connecting with dozens of businesses in Seattle. Throughout our journey, we discovered that unique businesses attract customers. In this blog, we’ll share stories of what makes a company unique and why it matters.

Increases Sales

Your product can be one of the factors that make your business unique and drive sales. For example, Division Road clothes capture “the post-modern industrial haberdashery for a man who wants to shop without a stopwatch, hang out with his coffee, or just come by to speak the goods”. I walked in this store a few weeks ago and immediately notice how unique their products were. During my conversation with the owner, he stated they do little marketing.  The owner said their customers have a specific taste. Division Road caters to this specific taste and attracts these customers. His customers seek them out whenever they’re looking for clothes. This lowers marketing costs and increases the lifetime value per customer. In conclusion, finding a niche and building a product to meet their needs has power.

Builds lasting impression

The customer experience you create can be a great way to stand out amongst the competition. In fact, the experience can be a great way to eliminate competition. For example, Dallas Texas based Forty-FiveTen creates a unique experience the moment you step into the store.  The boutique has several locations throughout the US and each one has a unique layout. Like Forty-Five-Ten, you need to discover what part of your experience can be unique.  This takes experimentation and constant customer feedback but it’s worth the time. In conclusion, finding your way to being different has value.

Build Loyalty

Providing a unique experience can be a way to separate from the competition and build loyalty. For instance, Apple has consistently found a way to be different and add value. The mac computer has a different backend setup than other computers. They’ve succeeded in building a separate world that has developed raging fans. In fact, Apple users have to learn a new workflow if they try to switch to an outside company.  You want your customers to have a different experience with your service/product that promotes loyalty.


Being unique can be a large contributor to increased sales. By building a lasting impression on customers, you can increase brand awareness. Ultimately, being unique can create opportunities to drive loyalty. In conclusion, invest time in identifying ways to be different and share your unique story.

Alex Brooks is the founder and CEO of AE Brooks, LLC (d/b/a, Entreprov), a Seattle-based firm that builds custom tools to help businesses increase customer retention and engagement. Sign up for our newsletter to learn more customer engagement strategies.