It’s been a few weeks since the viaduct has officially been down in Seattle. Small business owners in Pioneer Square have every reason to be concerned with the viaduct closing. Seattle traffic can be difficult to navigate even on a normal day. This major change to the city will have a major impact on how and where Seattlites travel.

As a result, many commuters to Pioneer Square are planning or considering working remotely. This could have a direct impact on business owners throughout Pioneer Square. However, we’ve figured out a few hacks that can help you drive more sales during this time.

Popup Events in Different Locations

Try having a popup event at another store. If your current location has low foot traffic, coordinate with businesses across town. In fact, this could be a great way to get new customers exposed to your brand.

Clementines are one of the shops thinking outside the box. The owner Linda is constantly exploring new ways to grow. All their designs are sourced by local artists. She believes in supporting the local professionals.

Linda Walsh (Owner of Clementines)

You need to test different types of collaborations to see what works. For example, setting up a table at a jewelry shop or shoe store. In fact, I know a company that has a traveling truck that pops up around town. Overall, popups can be a great way to get more business from different markets.


Collaborating with other shops will be a powerful way to stay relevant during the viaduct closing. You want to experiment with all the possibilities.

Our recent event had a Kombucha company to serve at a Visette Boutique in Capitol Hill, Seattle. They were able to gain some new collaborations just by bringing samples. Bucha-belly discovered fashion professionals wanted to be customers.

indi Chocolate

Find partners that are not direct competition to collaborate with. For example, indi Chocolate does an incredible job of collaborating with other businesses. Recently indi Chocolate had a mindful meditation event. The owner Erin constantly looks for new ways to spread the word about the brand. As a result, you can cross-promote and create more traffic to your site.

Personalized Communication

Personalized communication will be key for success in 2019. For instance, if your prospects keep visiting certain pages on your website, send them content or products related to their interest.

In fact, if people have visited your service page several times, email them about scheduling a demo. For example, the illustration below shows our tools ability for you to track users activity on your website. In conclusion, if you don’t currently have a tool that can engage users based on actions, you’re losing money and customers.

Know Your Customer

One of the most dynamic ways to keep your brand relevant during the viaduct closing is knowing your customer. I’ve had a chance to get to know one of the main leaders at Visette Boutique.

Lisa has over 20 years in fashion and knows her stuff. She understands the design work, sourcing and more importantly her customer. She makes one of a kind, beautiful classy pieces that people can wear to high scale events and weddings. I’m a fan of her passion and work.

Recently I stopped by and we discussed the importance of knowing your customer. I think her approach to building customer loyalty is spot on. Lisa’s already getting booked out for the year just from referrals alone.

Lisa Marie (Visette Boutique)

“My goal is to design dresses for my clients that make them feel beautiful.”

She gets the power of personalized communication. Lisa’s dresses show the customer that she’s listening. By listening, she’s able to offer tremendous value to the customer.

In conclusion, building a long term strategy will be the key to surviving the viaduct and growing your business. Your strategy should focus on several ways to get new business. In conclusion, focusing on multiple approaches will serve you far beyond the viaduct closing.

Alex Brooks is the founder and CEO of AE Brooks, LLC (d/b/a, Entreprov), a Seattle-based firm that builds marketing automation tools to help businesses increase customer retention and engagement. Sign up for our newsletter to learn more customer engagement strategies.