When you create a new business, it is important to establish a strong business plan and strategy. But you should always keep in mind that the ultimate goal is to achieve new customers. If you don’t sell your products or services, then you will be forced out of business in no time. That’s why you should think of honest and genuine ways to thank your top customers and ensure they remain loyal to your brand.

It’s not just a matter of showing good manners and some appreciation. This is also an effective way to show you genuinely care about your customers, which you really should! After all, they are the only reason you are able to own and manage your business.

Besides, it is a well-known fact that gratefulness can increase positive results for any business. For instance, researches have shown that customers tend to spend more and employees are more likely to accomplish more when they receive regular gratitude. In other words, a simple thank you could change your sales prospect in the months to come.

There are many things you can do to approach your top customers and let them know how important they are. However, not all of them will leave an honest impression. That’s why we have gathered a few effective strategies on how to thank your top customers properly.

Relationship Building

Customer loyalty can be a determinant part of the yearly sales and cash flow for many businesses. Local businesses, for instance, rely on a loyal customer base that keeps coming back. That’s why it’s crucial to build relationships with people who allow you to stay in business. Being friendly, showing you care about their well-being, and offering special discounts will ensure that they won’t look somewhere else.

Relationship Building at Clementines

It is true that not all business owners, employees, or customers are extroverts ready for some friendly chatter. But the environment can also get quite strange if you keep treating each other like strangers. In the end, it’s all about finding that middle term and understanding each customer’s boundaries and expectations.

Personalization is Key

Now, you have probably heard that personalization is one of the main strategies for customer engagement and loyalty in 2019. You shouldn’t ignore the trends in this case… Because every customer is different and there is no standard strategy or procedure that will work for everyone who visits your offline or online shop.

Get personal with your customers but don’t become invasive. The goal is to show you care and understand your customer not to draw them away from your brand.


There are many ways to obtain the business data you need to increase your reach and ultimately, get new customers. Newsletters, surveys, and forms, can help you understand the interests of your customers. Then, it’s up to you to deliver the content and goods they like.

The Power of Cross-selling

Cross-selling can be a very strong strategy when you want to thank your top customers. This marketing approach normally has two goals. The first is to simply get increased income from one single client. The second goal is to protect the relationship with the customer.

Now, if you achieve the second goal, the first one will follow. Therefore, you should really be looking forward to using cross-selling as a strategy to improve your customer loyalty.

In most cases, all you have to do is inform your already existing customers about other products of interest. You can also suggest related products that can enhance or complement a product you have just sold. Nevertheless, make sure to offer competitive prices and/or features. When the customer is spending more, they will often expect more benefits in return as part of your business relationship.

Remember Customers are People Too

Business is business and that’s why you should never forget that customers are not just numbers or sales profit. They are people just like you and they will be so much more engaged if you show that money is not everything that matters to your brand. It can be difficult to pass on this message but it only requires a little bit of dedication and effort.

Thanking your customers is a great start but you can also show gratitude later on (when they least expect) through a follow-up email. If you’ve got some budget to spare, then you can send a personalized gift following their interests! You can also invite your top customers to join you in an industry event or feature them in your next newsletter.

The Gift of Knowledge

If you really want to make your top customers feel unique and special, then you should surprise them with the gift of knowledge. Who doesn’t like to feel appreciated and encouraged to pursue a better self? Actually, some of your customers would most likely be interested in learning more about your business. How did it all start? What strategies did you use? What challenges did you face?

If your business offers services, then teaching your best customers is an excellent opportunity to incite customer loyalty. Offering them books or online courses can also express your business values and principles. Just don’t forget to explain why have you selected a particular book or course.

When You Thank Your Top Customers You are Ensuring the Future of Your Business

At first glance, thanking your customers for choosing your brand might seem a waste of time. Especially when you operate online and there are hardly any face-to-face interactions. But that’s really not the case! If you manage to make your customers feel welcomed and appreciated, they will most likely come back for more. They will also trust you more and possibly recommend you to their loved ones.

So, make sure to let your customers know how much they mean to you. Thank your top customers and ensure the future of your business starting today. Contact us if you need advice on how to choose the most effective strategies for your customer loyalty program.