You have surely heard how personalization is one of the key strategies to grow your business in 2019. But what does it really mean? At first glance, creating customized content might sound like an easy process. However, personalization without customer segmentation is basically impossible to do. You need to study your customer base first in order to establish subsets, which will then allow you to better deliver your marketing efforts.

Customer segmentation is essential, especially for companies that sell a wide range of products or services. It’s normal that your customers won’t be interested in every single one of your goodies. That’s why you need to create segments and focus on specific groups of interest that can generate more revenue.

In the end, it’s a waste of time and resources to generalize and assume everyone will be interested in your products and potentially become a customer. Instead, you should follow the leads of customers who find value in your goods.

Niche markets are the only customer segmentation groups in which you should invest maximum time and resources. After all, they might hold an extraordinary prospect for your business in the future. They increase your chances of converting leads into sales.

Moreover, keep in mind that poor customer segmentation strategies could cost the future of your business. A research conducted by Harvard Business School showed that 95% of products become useless due to inefficient customer segmentation.

How Segmentation Saves You Time and Resources

Segmentation can help you save time and resources in many different ways. In fact, when you use efficient segmentation methods, you are automatically allocating your resources better. You know which customer subsets to focus and what leads to follow. This means that you will be able to deliver more and better content to these same segments.

Moreover, personalized and attractive offers can help you improve and better manage your campaigns. Besides, you can easily allocate specific budgets to each segment and work on upselling plans that can increase your sales. Lastly, customer segmentation can help you provide the best customer service and assistance possible.

Segmentation Enhances the Customer Experience

Sometimes, a generic email campaign can work. But in most cases, it really doesn’t deliver the results you expect or need in order to grow your company. On the other hand, customer segmentation ensures that your efforts won’t be in vain. By focusing on the customers that have some degree of interest in your products, you are increasing your chances to turn their interest into a purchase.

But reaching a conversion probably won’t happen if you don’t get personal and deliver a unique customer experience. It’s not just about targeting the right customers for your products and services. It’s also about the way you communicate and deliver your message to create that unique customer experience. So, make sure to choose your content and channels accordingly.

Personalization Drives Revenue

Personalization is a strategy that requires time and patience to master. At long-term, you can drive more revenue and increase your sales with the right customer segmentation. But that will probably require a lot of split-testing campaigns and some lost resources. You will also lose some customers along the way, as you narrow down your niche database.

Don’t worry though! At the end of the road, you will end up with an incredibly engaged and interested audience to whom you can upsell almost anything from your brand. And that’s precisely what you want, right? Once you master personalization, you won’t just make your customers feel special and crave for more. You will also find yourself stealing some customers from your competitors.

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Don’t Segment Without Automation

Customer segmentation can be a game-changing strategy for your business but you need the right tools and software to implement it. It is quite risky to invest your time and resources into segmentation when you don’t have marketing automation tools. Why? Because there is simply too many tasks and processes to handle manually. You would need to hire at least one marketer to help you out and get all the systems in place.

However, if you automate your systems from the start you don’t need to hire anyone. All you have to do is choose your preferences, and create your personalized content into your customer journeys. Then, watch the automation do everything on its own. Check the reports and proceed to tweak for better results. It’s as simple as it sounds!

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Get Started With Customer Segmentation Today

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