Every business owner wants to get new customers. After all, that’s the only way to effectively grow your business and fulfill your business vision. However, attracting and getting new customers is far from being a simple task. You need to know your business inside and out, as well as define your ideal customer profile, then you should position yourself as the answer.

But that’s only the beginning! It’s important to make a relevant and inciting promise. Then, it’s even more important to go beyond that promise and exceed your customers’ expectations. Don’t forget to focus on small wins in order to get your customers to trust you and refer you to their loved ones. Facilitating feedback can also boost your online reputation and spread the word about your business, which will strengthen your strategy for getting new customers.

We present you five strategies that will help you increase your customer base no matter if you are a startup or a well-established company. The main concept is to focus on your customer and address their needs and expectations.

Getting Small Wins with New Customers is a Must

When a new customer enters your store or interacts with you, you should always try your best to engage and understand what are your customer needs. What are they really looking for and how can you help them? You probably think that every new customer is unpredictable and uncontrollable. Sometimes, that is true…

But it’s certainly not the rule. Each new customer is someone who might or might not purchase from you. But the outcome doesn’t simply depend on the customer. It also depends on your strategy and behavior. If you offer an effective solution and provide an engaging interaction, then your new customers are more likely to make a purchase. Make sure to focus on the small wins every day!

For example, we understand our customers don’t have the time to migrate from their existing system to ours. As a result, we provide free migration for any new client that comes on board with Entreprov.

Free Migration Services

Make a Promise and Go Beyond that Promise

Now, you might have the best product or service in the world but what is your value proposition as a business? Build a strong promise and aim higher and bigger, it’s the only way to deliver more and amaze your customers. If you want to start getting new customers, then put yourself in their shoes. What would you like and expect from a brand? What will make you do the final purchase?

Besides that, making a humble promise and going beyond your word is always a better strategy than aiming high and then delivering something else. That will crush people’s trust in you as a brand. They will probably never come back if you break their expectations.

Last month I had a chance to sit with Herman, the owner of Lanier’s Fine Candies. The level of quality that goes into his candy was beyond average. He’s obsessed with providing a world-class experience to the customer.


Tapping Your Customers Referral List is Gold

Your ultimate goal as a business owner should be to impress your customers by acquiring their trust and affinity. For starters, this will ensure that your customers remain loyal to your brand. Their chances to come back again are considerably higher when emotions are involved in the customer journey.

That’s already a huge success when you manage to get decent customer retention levels. However, it’s when you exceed your customers’ expectations that they will start sharing their opinion with others. For instance, impressed customers will often refer and recommend your brand to their loved ones. That’s exactly what you want! So, make sure to help your customers fall in love with your brand before they move to the competition.

Make Giving Feedback Quick and Easy

Creating functional and easy methods for feedback is essential if you want your customers to share their experience with the world. You might have the happiest customers in your industry but if they have no means to express it… Who will know about it? Also, you don’t want to end up with customer-owned online review pages, so make sure to create and monitor your reputation on a regular basis.

Furthermore, make it simple, quick, and easy for your customers to review your brand. They are already doing you a favor by going out of their way and give you feedback. As such, don’t make it a hassle for them to simply leave a review. Sometimes, a reminder or small incentive can motivate your customers to share their experience.

Upsell Happens After your Exceed Their Expectations

When you aim for high-stakes, you should expect more and better results. If you surpass your customers’ expectations, then you are more likely to use upselling strategies. It’s not difficult to get customers to buy again from you when they are already highly satisfied. It’s merely a matter of communication. Sometimes, you just need to let your customers know that you have the product or solution they are looking for!

But don’t stretch the boundaries, don’t spam your loyal customers with a call to actions and campaigns all the time. Be reasonable and strategic, segment your audience and ensure you are sending only the most relevant content. Otherwise, you might break that bond that you have worked so hard to build over time.

Getting New Customers Doesn’t Have to Be a Problem!

In order to stay in business, you need customers to keep purchasing from you. This means you need to keep your existing customers and acquire new ones if you wish to grow.

Despite all the difficulties, getting new customers doesn’t have to be a problem. In most cases, you only need to choose the right strategies for your industry and brand.

If you need business advice or consultation on how to improve your customer engagement and loyalty strategies, don’t hesitate to contact us here.